Going Mobile

Why does a completely mobile solution matter? Managing your facilities is a constant on-the-go process for everyone involved, from service request to repair. Having a mobile solution is essential to your success. Without a sufficient range of mobile options, real-time process compliance – the key to measuring theeffectiveness of all field operations cannot be achieved. Only the Work Order Network gives you, your stores, your Facility Managers, and your Service Providers sufficient mobile options to ensure

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Refrigerant Tracking

If your business uses refrigerant, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established compliance guidelines for tracking  refrigerant use within your organization.The Work Order Network refrigerant tracking system tracks your refrigerant usage, leakages, and response times to leakages for EPA compliance. Your internal technicians are also proactively required to enter in refrigerant  information, if applicable, prior to completing a work order.

For the Refrigerant Tracking Detailed Set-Up & User Guide, Click Here