I have more than one branch/office and want them listed separately in the directory

To be listed in multiple areas (as independent organizations) and yet be able to report on all the offices together, you must upgrade to Field Service Management. There is nothing wrong with having two different offices signed up with two different profiles– that’s how many multiple office organizations do it.


To your customer, you will look like two (or more) providers, each serving specific areas. However, there are several advantages of combining multiple offices under the same system. Please inquire about upgrading to Field Service Management, and explain to us how you are organized so our specialists will describe the different options available to you.

What can I do to help myself get more work?

First – make sure when you receive work orders that you are accepting, completing, and invoicing for the work quickly. These are the key metrics that determine your rating. For details on your ratings be sure to login into your  account and view the grading details given by each of your customer. For more information on this be sure to visit the Service Provider section of the Learning Center.


Second – depending on your clientele and the types of services you offer it may make sense to explore some of the badges we offer. For some of your customers this is a key element they consider when selecting local providers.

I got “Connected” and am listed in the directory, now what?

You are now listed in our directory where commercial businesses in your area can now find you and assign you work.


This is the first step in getting more work.  You will be notified via email when a Facility Manager finds you in our directory and either wants to include you in a Bid or Send you New Work.