Refrigerant Tracking

If your business uses refrigerant, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established compliance guidelines for tracking  refrigerant use within your organization.The Work Order Network refrigerant tracking system tracks your refrigerant usage, leakages, and response times to leakages for EPA compliance. Your internal technicians are also proactively required to enter in refrigerant  information, if applicable, prior to completing a work order.

For the Refrigerant Tracking Detailed Set-Up & User Guide, Click Here


Utilizing Picture Attachments to Verify Work

Sometimes just receiving notice from your technicians or external service vendors that a job was completed isn’t enough assurance when verifying work. A picture can clearly show that not only was the repair or service completed, but that it was completed at the standards required. The Work Order Network provides the right tools for your Internal Technicians and External Service Vendors to properly capture and report on completed work through picture attachments. Continue reading

Enterprise Report Wizard Overview

Overview video on how to Create a Report in the Enterprise Application using the Reporting Wizard. The Reporting Wizard allows you to create standard reports related to any area of your facilities operations, giving you complete visibility into all of your assets, work orders, locations, technicians, vendors, and much more. Continue reading