What do the ratings mean and where do they come from?

Your ratings listed in the Provider Directory are determined by the feedback your customers give when they verify the work you completed. When verifying your work customers have the option of giving you a Positive, Neutral, or Negative rating. You can view the exact details of these ratings by logging into your account and clicking the “Home” tab.

How do I change my service area?

You can do this through the Service Provider application that was created when you initially got listed in our directory. Check out the Service Provider page of the Learning Center for details and videos on this.

Now that I am listed how will I get alerted when new work comes my way?

There are two different situations in which new business may be coming your way. One situation is that a customer in your area is using our Bid Manager application to source and upcoming project. In this case you will receive an email notification inviting you to participate in the selection process by submitting a brief proposal. You just have to follow the instruction within the notification email to get going.


In other cases you may receive an email notification letting you know that a customer in your area wishes to “connect” with you over the Work Order Network. What this really means is that the customer wants to send you a work order electronically but first needs to connect with you prior to sending over the work. It is the same concept as connecting with someone on Facebook prior to sending them a personal message.


In a nutshell, make sure your contact is email is correct during you registration process because you will be notified of all new potential business opportunities through email notifications!