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Field Service Management and Mobility: Get More Work Done!

As a valued service provider on Corrigo’s Work Order Network, we’d like to introduce to you Intuit Field Service Management – our cloud-based application that gives you and your business more control over your people, customers, cash flow, and costs.

Manage all of your work orders and service requests inside the same system, powered by Corrigo, to:


  • Get More Work Done: Augment paper work order and clipboards with web-based and wireless services.
  • Dispatch More Efficiently: Schedule and assign work in real time with GPS to maximize technician productivity and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Get Paid Faster: Let your service team create invoices at the job site, take or process payments immediately, then sync with Intuit QuickBooks.
  • Save money! Your Work Order Network fees are waived as a subscriber to Intuit Field Service Management!
  • Simplify! Accept and provide service for companies such as Wendy’s, Jack in the Box, and Safeway, among many others, with Intuit Field Service Management and Work Order Network all in one system.


To see how your business will benefit by adding Intuit Field Service Management to your Corrigo Work Order Network account, please watch the brief video below and call us at 1.800.511.9151.



Get Paid Faster

Let your field service teams create invoices at the job site, take COD, and process payments immediately — then sync into QuickBooks. You’ll get more jobs done faster, and save days or even weeks off your time-to-invoice.


  • Invoice faster and more accurately: Field workers generate invoices at the time of service.
  • Get paid faster: With Intuit Merchant Services, accept and process credit cards on site to speed cash flow, reduce fees, and cut bad debt.
  • Sync with QuickBooks: Book and reconcile payments quickly and efficiently by automatically synchronizing with QuickBooks.

Do Payroll Better

Capture workers’ time in the field when they’re doing the work. Get you technicians focused on billable work instead of paperwork.


  • Capture time more accurately: Record hours in the field with GPS verification for accurate payrolls.
  • Approve time cards efficiently: Review consolidated timesheets and approve them with less effort.
  • Link to your back office: Inputs data into your payroll system, so you don’t have to.


Get More Work Done

Replace paper work orders and clipboards with web-based and wireless services. Work orders are dispatched wirelessly and managed by workers using smartphone devices and tablets. Data flows from the field into your QuickBooks system, eliminating unnecessary travel, double data entry and endless stacks of paperwork.


  • Dispatch more efficiently: Schedule and assign work in real time with GPS to maximize tech productivity and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Do more work: Automation maximizes office and field productivity so you get more jobs done.
  • Document work in the field efficiently: Wireless work orders and back office integration eliminate double data entry and ensure invoice accuracy.

Get More Business

Service agreements can be sold or renewed in the field at time of service. Preventative maintenance work orders (PMs) are auto-created, then assigned based on technician location and skills. Prepare and schedule PM visits proactively — so even slower times can be profitable.


  • Sell: Sell more service agreements.
  • Schedule: PM work orders are auto-created and easy to schedule.
  • Prepare: Proactively prepare for PMs for efficient dispatch and prompt completion.



What Our Customers Say

“Intuit Field Service Management has saved us time and money because we are able to see everything in real time. For example, we can see what our technicians are doing in live time and that allows us to properly credit hours and materials for each assignment.”
“In order for Paramount Pool to continue to grow we need access to information quicker than normal. Being able to see the actual work time and have accountability for our services have helped us tremendously.”

Hector Lopez, Paramount Pool Services Company


“Intuit Field Service Management has increased our accountability with our technicians. Technicians are now challenging each other to increase their speed of service and it has helped us secure that each project is being completed in a timely manner.”
“The software has been a key ingredient in helping us manage our projects. I am confident that Brunson Air and Heating will continue to grow and we will be able to continue to streamline our process with the help of Intuit Field Service Management.”

Elizabeth Brunson, Brunson Air and Heating

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