Work Plan Management

A work plan is a way to take a multi-item work order and divide the tasks into separate child work orders. These child work orders can then be reassigned to a new vendor or technician. The parent work order is still attached to the children through the work plan. Work plans are often used for projects or installations where multiple vendors or technicians will be assigned to complete different phases of the work. Continue reading

How to Add and Use Service Warranties

Service Warranty  – a guarantee on work performed by a service provider. A facilities management group, for example, might have a warranty stating that any work they do is guaranteed for thirty days. If the item worked on breaks down within thirty days of the provider doing work on it, the provider will make repairs free of charge. Continue reading

Finding New Providers

The Work Order Network provides the tools to not only measure your Service Vendors quality of work,but also how to quickly replacement bad Vendors with the top rated Vendors in your area. Vendorsourcing on the Work Order makes it easy to identify Vendors who are not only top rated, but alsoalready connected to the Work Order Network and ready to receive work. Continue reading