How to Add an Asset

This document provides a step-by guide to adding an asset or piece of equipment to your account. For many users, this is the critical task they need to know. However, in order to setup the system, you need a more comprehensive understanding of what’s referred to as the “Knowledge Base” which forms the basis for the asset database.  The rest of this document explores working with the knowledge base, which will help the average user better understand the system. Continue reading

Timecard Management

The Work Order Network gives you complete control and visibility into how your Techniciansare capturing labor time while out in the field. Before understanding how to approve, edit,manage, and export timecards, it is essential to have a basic understanding of how your technician’s labor hours are being captured. Continue reading

Work Order LifeCycle – Overview

Work orders are the central unit of action and have several defining characteristics:


1. They define work that needs to be done, comprising one or more tasks.
2. They are usually assigned to a single resource whose job it is to do the work.
3. They are usually expected to be completed in a single work session. Continue reading

Materials and Inventory Set-Up

The inventory management functionality automates the process of tracking inventory. All the parts and materials that your service technicians require to do their work are entered into the system. This lets you always know how much inventory you have on hand in your various stock locations. And it lets the service personnel in the field update inventory levels in real time by recording the materials they use on their mobile devices. Continue reading