iOS 8 & Corrigo Mobile Apps




Apple is in the process of introducing their latest operating system “iOS 8” and it should be available to all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) within the next week or two. Corrigo has made all the necessary changes to both of our Mobile Apps (Corrigo Enterprise & Field Service Manager) to fully support Apple’s new operating system. Both Corrigo Mobile Apps are currently awaiting Apple certification prior to release

What does this mean to you and your employees?

There is the chance that Apple could release iOS 8 to market before completing the updates to Corrigo’s Mobile Apps. This means, if you update your operating system to iOS 8 before installing the updated version of either Corrigo Enterprise or Field Service Manager, you will encounter problems when using the app.

What do we recommend?

We recommend holding off on updating your operating system to iOS 8 until we confirm that both our Mobile Apps have been fully processed and updated by Apple. Once Apple has processed the app, the app will be available for update in the app store. Once updated, you can then proceed with the operating system update to iOS 8. There are two ways to stay up to date on progress:
(1) We will post notification on our blog as well as notify you that the updates are ready (Blog –
(2) You can keep an eye out in the app store for the latest version of the app and then download the update when it becomes available. See the next section below for details on what version of the app to keep an eye out for.


What version of the app am I looking for in the app center so that I know it is the latest version?

You should be looking for a version of the app that has an “Updated” date of September 2014. Currently in the App Store, the Enterprise App has an “Updated” date of August 2014 with a version number of 7.9.17 and the Field Service Manager App has an “Updated” date of January 2014 with a version number 6.17.12. If you check the app store and notice that the “Updated” date had not changed nor the “Version Number”, then that means the latest version is still not yet ready.




Provider Scoring – Overview for Requestors

We have released Provider Scoring Visibility for your Service Providers. Please review the video below to see what this update is all about and how it will help your Service Providers perform better work over the Work Order Network. If you are a Service Provider be sure to review the overview video found HERE.